Sevgi Law and Mediation Office, that had been established by Lawyer Emrah SEVGI in 2007 in Istanbul, provides counseling services for all the legal problems of its clients by its extensive domain, and performs the representation of its clients before courts, arbitrators and execution directorates in order to settle such legal problems. Following the legalization and conditioning of mediation, by Emrah SEVGI, it is being tried to settle the disputes through alternative means under the title of Mediator.

Sevgi Law Office is able to get support both from the colleagues and senior consultants in the settlement of legal problems.

We are providing our clients and applicants the facility to examine the processes, costs and documents relevant to their files through our web site. The main purpose of this service, from which only our clients and mediation applicants are able to benefit, is to provide the facility to examine the processes regarding the disputes for the individual who are unable to attend to our office, and to ensure the transparency required by the principle of trust.

The users of our web site also have the opportunity to request opinion regarding their legal problems.  But in order for the users of the site to benefit from this service, they first have to become a member of the site, complete all the information in the membership form in a complete and accurate manner and pay the fee requested from them. For online services…

One of the objectives of Sevgi Law Office is both to provide new business opportunities for its colleagues by increasing its employee number and to generate solutions for the legal problems of its clients as benefiting from different perspectives and knowledge. Sevgi Law and Mediation Office’s final objective is institutionalization.  The reason of this is our notion that the only way of carrying our vision and principles into future is institutionalization.  In order to attain this objective, we are benefiting from specialists and information technologies.

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